Replenish: A New Look at Relaxation

You know what I do when I need to relax? I find the most smile-inducing, soul-satisfying, energizing ways to recharge myself. I then save all of those ways on Pinterest, and spend the next 3 hours glued to my screen. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s really beautiful, organized Pinterest boards. They are… Continue reading Replenish: A New Look at Relaxation


Making Space and Navigating Grace

Have you seen those t-shirts? The ones that say Hustle in sparkly gold letters? I’ve seen them everywhere from Amazon to mall kiosks, always smugly bearing the same word. I’ve bought into the trend unknowingly, ever since I can remember. Hustle is for successes. Hustle will bring me achievement and happiness and value. As I keep… Continue reading Making Space and Navigating Grace

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For Creative People Who Feel Stuck

Trying to neatly work with creativity is a whole lot like trying to shove all those baggy t-shirts that breed in your closet into one tidy drawer. It just doesn’t work. Creativity ebbs and flows in ways I believe we can learn to funnel but never control. My little spreadsheet brain resents this process. All of my life, I have been… Continue reading For Creative People Who Feel Stuck