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Style Tuesday: The Book Dress Look

Happy Tuesday! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little bleurgh this week. It’s the first full week back into real life after Christmas and MLK day, and I’m feeling the total panic/ calm before the storm of when deadlines really hit. What better time to step back from responsibilities and have a Style Tuesday post? I’ve been excited all week to post on some simple, silly joy. My version of slowing down to play is with clothes, but please, carry this philosophy of play over to whatever brings you joy. This is just one day a week dedicated to simple pleasures!

(And if you missed it, here’s some thoughts behind why I believe Style Tuesday posts make an important space for play to balance the grace I normally talk about on here.)

The look:

wearing: dress (Lindy Bop), cardigan (vintage, thrifted), belt (secondhand), oxfords (Nicole), glasses (Bon Vivant).

Before I found this total gem of a dress in a boutique over Christmas, I had never heard of Lindy Bop. Guys–I. CAN’T DEAL. They not only have the most adorable prints and well-fitting cuts, but also offer extremely affordable options for the vintage-inspired gal on a budget.

Hooray for a book look!

The details:


This cardigan was a rare gem found thrifting by the presiding queen of finding good deals, my Mama. To make it better, it was a total steal on price, too. I can’t get over the swoon-worthy attention to detail on the adorable orange bows. I’ve been thinking about writing a post on a Style Tuesday about how to find high quality vintage for cheap– it’s half luck, half knowing what to look for, and all a fantastic creative outlet. Anyway, it made me smile all day to see how perfectly this cardigan matched the vintage feel of the book dress! Speaking of which…

16142278_10211483326937095_497848019195780310_nOh my goodness. This book-lover’s heart just stopped for a moment. Books? Tea? Fun doilies? Seriously, I don’t think it’s possible to be sad wearing this print. Lindy Bop is on top of the game when it comes to quirky patterns.

16142573_10211483326897094_8810717203489754149_nThe only problem that I have with Lindy Bop is their belt quality– this dress came with an adorable matching blue belt, but the quality was totally, absolutely horrible. I wore it one time, and the plastic faux-leather peeled! My sweet mother-in-law saw my distress and insisted I take the most perfect red belt of hers, complete with metal twists that mimic the dress pattern. Isn’t it funny how some things work out?

16195190_10211483326857093_3470975811794771621_nI’ve had these oxfords for years, and they’re so well-made and versatile. It’s silly, but I used to not wear them very much due to their noisy heels. Something about such loud steps makes me feel self-conscious! I’m usually a flats girl, but I’m loving something different. Contrary to my long-held opinion, red flats aren’t always the best option.

The face of, “WHY MUST IT BE SO COLD?”

Cold mornings aside, I hope you find a bit of happiness in something as silly as a book dress today. Allow yourself to take a break and have some fun. Open up a book, eat another cookie, or maybe sketch up what your dream dress pattern would be. Anything goes!




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