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Style Tuesday: Pop of Cherry

After a long weekend, I’m so glad to be writing again!

The look:

wearing: jeans (“The Joni,” Topshop for Nordstrom), socks (Toe of a Kind, Hallmark), cami (Forever 21), sweater (1950’s vintage), bicycle tote (T.J.Maxx), anchor earrings (handmade/vintage).

I know it might not be the most “creative” way of dressing, but I really enjoy matching exact colors. Lipstick, cardigan, earrings… I feel like I have it all together when everything coordinates. Most of what I own is red. This results in me looking very cherry, very frequently.

Look! I even match my table!

The details:

These earrings are my favorite. Ah, the wonders of a glue gun.

I once bought a huge jar of vintage buttons at a yard sale after falling in love with how colorful and fun the plastic shapes were. I have since slowly glued almost all of them to earring backs I purchased at Hobby Lobby. High quality? Probably not. Cheap and easy? You bet.

Don’t mind the ugly arm burn. I’m trying to learn to cook, and the oven is not my friend.

Can we just take a moment for these adorable oversized buttons? It’s okay, take it all in. I’ll wait.

This sweater was purchased on a spontaneous fall trip to Columbus, Mississippi. Caleb and I  stumbled upon a small vintage shop, and he was kind enough to let me peek around for a moment (try on everything for an hour).

Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in “Carnal”

I’m not a huge expensive makeup person, but HOLY COW this lipstick. It stays on forever. Wow. It was a free sample, but I’m going to purchase some more as soon as this tube runs out. I noticed a colossal difference between this and the drugstore brands I usually default to.

15873590_10211329527732211_6946642864419876859_nThese socks are so fun– they say “tea time, me time.” Sadly, “tea time” is hidden on the toe of the other sock, so when worn with boots, these inadvertently turn into my slightly narcissistic socks.

Yay for matching! Yay for anchor earrings! Yay for short weeks!

Delight in play this pseudo-Monday and give yourself some space to get into the flow of the week. Try to wear or do something that makes you smile, just because you can. Only four days until we have another weekend!


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