creative simplicity

Homemade Laundry Detergent

This blog is full of ramblings on the glory of grace, and peppered with “Style Tuesday” posts all about embracing the everyday happiness of play. I’d like to introduce on more kind of post that will be far less frequent but still exciting: Creative Simplicity. Can I just mention how totally, ridiculously bad I am at… Continue reading Homemade Laundry Detergent

style tuesday

Style Tuesday: The Book Dress Look

Happy Tuesday! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little bleurgh this week. It’s the first full week back into real life after Christmas and MLK day, and I’m feeling the total panic/ calm before the storm of when deadlines really hit. What better time to step back from responsibilities and have a… Continue reading Style Tuesday: The Book Dress Look


Everyday Grace for Anxious Hearts

I’m a runner, but not in the heavy-breathing, outdoors, sweaty way. My version of running isn’t nearly as healthy, and it feels like a treadmill that just won’t stop. I’m all too often running from regrets, difficult feelings, and constant, nagging guilt and shame. I run to avoid the insistent whisper from that dark place inside that asks, am… Continue reading Everyday Grace for Anxious Hearts


Mismatched Tupperware, and Other Beautiful Things.

“You know,” she insisted. “You have more space than you think.” It’s funny how that particular afternoon in October came rushing back to me on this bone-cold January morning, looking for a mug. My mother-in-law had come to stay , and we were giving her the tour of our apartment, ending in the kitchen. Before really deciding… Continue reading Mismatched Tupperware, and Other Beautiful Things.


Replenish: A New Look at Relaxation

You know what I do when I need to relax? I find the most smile-inducing, soul-satisfying, energizing ways to recharge myself. I then save all of those ways on Pinterest, and spend the next 3 hours glued to my screen. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s really beautiful, organized Pinterest boards. They are… Continue reading Replenish: A New Look at Relaxation


Making Space and Navigating Grace

Have you seen those t-shirts? The ones that say Hustle in sparkly gold letters? I’ve seen them everywhere from Amazon to mall kiosks, always smugly bearing the same word. I’ve bought into the trend unknowingly, ever since I can remember. Hustle is for successes. Hustle will bring me achievement and happiness and value. As I keep… Continue reading Making Space and Navigating Grace